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Solferino Gold Mine – Concession 7715

The plan for exploration on the recently added 7715 concession at the Solferino gold mine is to follow the existing structures and out-cropping’s and continue sampling.

Eventhough the testing of ore for the past 160 years at the Solferino Gold Mine have shown astronomical grams of gold per tonne. We only are basing our projected plant processing to average a consistent 10 Grams of gold per tonne.  We can accomplish a consistency by blending high-grade / medium-grade / low –grade ore to get the 10 grams of gold per tonne.  This way the plant is producing a predictable amount of results by the hour and day.


The 9812 gold mine site was originally part of a hydraulic mining operation for gold sometime in the late 1800’s. Hundreds of thousands of tailing rock and ore was part of the water runoff where gold became laced all throughout the tailings on the desert floor.  Geotherm Gold is preparing an aggressive mining plan that will explore and harvest all recoverable gold beginning on Phase I and expand into Phase II as part of a goal to convert the whole entire 920 acres into a large scale open pit gold mine operation.  Geotherm Gold is working with revolutionary processing technology that uses vaporization as part of the gold liberation from complex ores.  We will be positioning are processing facility along side the mill in a large building complex on the mine site.

Stage I – of the offering will allow the exploration and development of the 9812-gold mine and also the securing of additional concessions to meet our goal of up to $1 billion plus in mineral concessions under contract.   

Stage II – of the offering will be used to exploit the most prized concession into production within the concession cluster. 9812 gold mine has mufti-high assay readings that show good potentials for a large open pit mining operation.  Additional exploration will allow for the preparation of the site for immediate processing of the 100 of thousands of tons of tailings.