Trans Florida Development

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Who we are

Trans Florida Development Corp. is a general engineering contracting firm that has serviced South Florida for over 22 years. Led by President Aquilino Melo, and Secretary/Treasurer Lourdes Melo, Trans Florida has become one of the largest and most competitive companies within our region. We specialize in earthwork, as well as all other aspects of site development. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Aquilino has pioneered the company to a level of excellence second to none, forming a reputation that speaks for itself. Our work mostly consists of residential and commercial developments, but when presented the opportunity, Trans Florida has also ventured in to public government work. Receiving letters of recommendation from the city, as well as awards for timely and proper execution, we have proven that we are more than capable of completing the task at hand.

With over 150 highly trained and skilled employees in our work force, Trans Florida has all the personnel necessary to be successful in our scope of work. Some of the key people in our staff include Vice President Frank Melo, and P.E. Dennis Maddox, as well has many others that have been with our company since its origination. We pride ourselves on the quality of the product we deliver, and every single employee plays a crucial role in our success. A vast majority of our employees have been with us for over 15 years, giving them an abundance of experience and the knowledge they need to be part of the team. Their long-time loyalty has allowed for them to learn our ways and in turn allowed for Trans Florida execute their job efficiently and in unison.

Our fleet of equipment is extensive. With over 150 pieces of heavy machinery, we are more than capable to meet the needs of our clients. Trans Florida has had the honor of working predominantly with Kelly Tractor to acquire many of the newest and most advanced construction equipment available. Among these machines are excavators, backhoes, motor graders, rollers, bulldozers, wheel loaders, off-road dump trucks, screening machines, milling machines, reclaiming machines, and over 35 street dump trucks. All our machinery is thoroughly maintained and kept up in house. A strong team of our mechanics make sure our machines are healthy, and in the proper condition to tackle the most brutal conditions possible. 

Trans Florida Development’s offices are conveniently located close to Florida’s Turnpike and Tamiami Executive Airport, giving easy access to our clients and facilitating an efficient mobilization when the time comes. Each detail is an imperative aspect of our business and allows us to service our clients as they deserve.